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Hudson River Paddle Field Trip Update

sue,denise paddling photo courtesy jackie donnelly

Thanks to Jackie Donnelly for leading a great field trip on Sunday August 24th. Below is a bit from her post about the trip on her own blog, Saratoga Woods and Waterways.  (photo above courtesy of Jackie Donnelly)

For being so close to a busy urban area, this stretch of the Hudson offers quite a surprising abundance of rare and unusual plants, most of which come into bloom in late August and early September. Two distinct areas within this catchment provide particularly good habitat for unusual plants. One area consists of several shallow quiet backwaters created during the historic lumbering era as basins for sorting river-driven logs. A second area consists of steep shale cliffs that are constantly watered by mineral springs, providing a cool rich habitat for many calciphile plants.

To read the rest of Jackie’s post about the trip, and see all her amazing photos – click here to go to her blog.