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Summer Field Trips

Well – we are about halfway through our field trips this season!  Plenty more great opportunities left to get out there!  Next field trip coming up is July 25th at Massawepie Mire. (Check out the list on our field trips page.)

Massawepie Mire
July 25th
9.30 am

Join us for a leisurely walk through varied boreal habitats along the trails at and around Massawepie Lake.  We will explore the fringes of the largest peatland in the state along with its bordering black spruce tamarack habitat and its shorelines as we walk to an arm of the South Branch of the Grasse River.  This area contains good examples of relatively pristine boreal habitats and their co-occurring bird populations, so is of interest to birders as well as botanizers.

to sign up and for details on where to meet, email Anne at