Monthly Archives: January 2023

Our web site has been updated

In the last couple of weeks we have updated out website to reflect some of the new projects we are embarking on and adding new information that is useful to our readers. We have updated the information on all of our previous tabs and added new ones that include links to important botanical websites, a library page with interesting documents, and a plant keys page with useful keys to plants in the Adirondacks. If you subscribe to the website in the info bar to the right, you will get an update every time there is a new post. Enjoy the flora of the ADKs!

New Projects on the Horizon

After the last meeting of the ABS in late 2022, it was decided to begin an inventory of the bryophytes, ferns, fern allies, and lichens of the Champlain Hills. There will also be a new effort to compile a plant species list of the Adirondacks using specimens and iNaturalist. Keep informed about these projects by checking our Projects Page for more information.

Young wood horsetail (Equisetum sylvaticum) Photo Steve Young