Plant Lists

Please note that the lists are compiled by field visits and are not specimen-based confirmed identifications so there may be errors. Scientific names have also changed over the years and the lists may not contain the latest names. Check the NY Flora Atlas for the latest names.


Ausable River Delta 2018 – This list is from a NY Flora Association trip and published in the 2018 Fall NYFA Newsletter.

Valcour Island 2000 – Valcour Island is an island in Lake Champlain just southeast of Plattsburgh and managed by the NYS DEC as part of the Champlain Islands Complex. It is composed of limestone and supports a very diverse flora including many rare species in upland, wetland, and shoreline habitats.

Silver Lake Bog Preserve 1992Silver Lake Bog is a beautiful Nature Conservancy preserve on the north side of Silver Lake northwest of Ausable Forks. This list is from an early NYFA trip in1992 that was coupled with a trip to Whiteface Mountain.


Coon Mountain Nature Preserve 2021 – A steep hike of one mile to the summit offers great views of Lake Champlain, the patchwork of farmland in the Champlain Valley, the Adirondack High Peaks and The Green Mountains of Vermont. Click here for more info the preserve.

Essex Quarry 2021 – The Essex Quarry is an abandoned limestone quarry just south of the village or Essex and now a preserve the of the Champlain Areas Trails organization. The list was made during two trips, one with the NY Flora Association.

Jay to Upper Jay Flora 2018 – This list of from a petal pedal along route 9N from the village of Jay to Upper Jay.

Mount Skylight 2009 – Mount Skylight is a high peak and this is a list from a NYFA trip to the top in the summer of 2009.

Wickham Marsh 2002 – Wickham Marsh is a large DEC wildlife management area at the southeast corner of Essex County and is rich in wetland plants.

Whiteface Mountain 2022 – This is a list compiled from years of field trips to the mountain, mostly for the annual trip by the New York Flora Association, by Ed Ketchledge and Steve Young.


Spring Pond Bog 2003 & 2012Spring Pond Bog Preserve is a large patterned peatland north of Tupper Lake. These lists were assembled during a NYFA field trip in 2003 and then an update in 2012.


Hudson River Ice Meadows south of The Glen 2020 – The riverside ice meadows from The Glen (west of Warrensburg) down to the shorelines south of the Schroon River support a diverse flora of wildflowers and graminoids.

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